Sara Marks
Sometimes I have a plan, sometimes I fly by the seat of my pants. Curious Unicorn, Librarian, Author, & Knitter.
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These days I’m firmly in the Anti-MLM camp, but that wasn’t always the case. I was a consultant for two different MLM companies and one that I joined twice. Multi-level Marketing companies, direct sales, network marketing, or whatever you want to call them. They’ve always been part of my life…

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I’m not a plant person. I know this about myself. I will kill plants. Since it can’t tell me it’s hungry, I will forget about it. Don’t try to tell me how easy it is and all plants need is water. I’m speaking from experience — I killed bamboo.


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There are so many risks when you self-publish your books. Many people think of specific issues like not getting into bookstores, doing all the work themselves, and not being able to afford to self-publish. While these are important risks to consider, they aren’t the only ones. …

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I’m not a fast writer or publisher. Over the years, I’ve slowed down my process to make sure the book is where I want it to be before I publish it. I don’t agonize over every sentence, to make sure it’s perfect. Years of National Novel Writing Month have taught…

Sara Marks

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